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Ornamental Aluminum Fence Installations

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Why Choose An Ornamental Aluminum Fence

Unlike other metals used for fencing ( for example wrought iron and steel),  aluminum does not corrode, which means no rust! Ornamental aluminum fences are especially popular in North Carolina due to its resilience against the elements that this state brings. Whether it’s snow, rain or hot North Carolina days, your fence will hold up. Therefore, the maintenance required to maintain your fence looking beautiful is very low. 

Index Fence uses only the highest of quality aluminum products when installing residential and commercial aluminum fences. 

We will always back our fence installations regardless of the style with a 1-year workmanship warranty.

Apart from our standard 1 year warranty, Index Fence will always use manufacturers that provide a lifetime warranty on their aluminum fence materials. If we are lucky enough to earn your business,  we will provide you with a pamphlet after the fence is complete in order to keep in your records. 

Using the Highest Quality Aluminum. Guaranteed for a Lifetime

Ornamental Aluminum fencing is an excellent option for homeowners in Raleigh and the surrounding areas because it can hold up to rust. Aluminum fences provide you plenty of options for styling. An aluminum fence can be one of the easiest and efficient ways that you can customize your property. Most HOA’s in the Raleigh default to aluminum fences due to its long lifetime and low maintenance. Index Fence installs only the highest quality aluminum fence products.  Index Fence is one of the only fence companies in Raleigh that provides a one year workmanship warranty and a lifetime manufacturers warranty on all of our aluminum fences!