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A well-maintained fence can add value to your home. The fences we install are produced using top quality materials that require very little maintenance. A new wood fence, aluminum fence or vinyl fence could make your home more appealing to individuals that might have kids or a dog. A fence will also add great value to your backyard and deliver the added privacy that many homeowners value.  Having a new fence on your home can often be a deciding factor for a home sale.

If you are thinking of installing a new fence, it is likely that you are weighing in your options between a few different material choices. Whether you are in Raleigh, Garner, Durham or the surrounding regions, there are several excellent choices that you can use for your fence project. Here are some of the most popular types of fences that we offer for your yard in Raleigh:

wood fences

Top-quality wood fencing is a popular choice for homes throughout Raleigh and the surrounding area. All of our material used is pressure treated wood, offering excellence and privacy as well as delivering a strong barrier for your home. We always recommend staining your wooden fence in order to fully maximize the lifespan. 

Types/Styles of wooden fences we offer

Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fencing is an excellent option for homeowners in North Carolina because it can hold up to rust. Aluminum fences provide you plenty of options for styling. An aluminum fence can be one of the easiest and efficient ways that you can customize your property. Index Fence provides a lifetime manufacturers warranty on all of our aluminum fences!

Types/Styles of Aluminum Fences

  • Flat Top Aluminum Fence
  • Spear Top Fence Aluminum Fence
  • Dual Rail/ Pool Aluminum Fence

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl has become a popular choice over the last several decades. Vinyl fences are  some of the best choices for longevity and style. With the exponential growth Raleigh and the surrounding areas are experiencing, vinyl fences is quickly becoming a top choice in HOA neighborhoods. Our vinyl products come with lifetime manufacturer warranty and these are products that can provide precise results over many years. 

Types/Styles of vinyl fences

  • Standard Privacy Vinyl Fence
  • Spindle Top Vinly Fence
  • Lattice Top Vinyl Fence
  • Spaced Stockade Picket Vinyl Fence

Chain Link Fence

Chain Link fencing has become a popular choice if you are seeking an affordable fencing option in Raleigh and beyond. This fencing option is often one of the best ways that you can add a barrier throughout your property. We would highly recommend chain link fences for commercial properties for their durability and for their affordability.

Types/Styles Of Chain Link Fences

  • Black Chain Link Fence

  • Galvinized Chain Link Fence

  • Commercial-Grade Chain Link Fence

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