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Benefits of having a Screen Porch

Having a screened porch in Raleigh throughout the summer months can bring about a welcome relief. Wake county is particularly known for its warmer summer months and getting a screened porch in Raleigh, Morrisville, Cary, Knightdale, Durham or Wake Forest could be a great way to enjoy those summer months with more usable space outside. Here are some of the top reasons to install a screen porch:

Blocking out UV rays:

If you’re the type of person that loves spending time outside, the materials that are used in many of today’s top screen porches can act as a shield against many of the suns UV rays. This could help to prevent the sunburn as well as keep your porch considerably cooler by eliminating an extensive amount of the heat that the sun generates.

Protecting your pets:

Keeping your pets confined to the porch can be a great way that they can spend some time outside without putting them at risk.  A screened in porch can be an excellent way that you can keep your pets well protected. Many of the top screen materials you can access today are designed to be pet proof and extremely resilient to claws and more.

Adding new entertainment space:

A screened in porch can be a great way to add new entertaining space for your home. Having a screened in the area for your outdoor space can protect you from the elements and it can give you access to more usable square feet throughout your home. A covered and screened porch can be an excellent option for entertaining more people through the summer months.

Keeping insects away:

If you love spending time outside in North Carolina but you hate insects like mosquitoes, a screened in porch can be a perfect option for you. Getting a screened in porch in North Carolina can save you from a number of pesky bug bites and make sure that you can spend more time outside without bug spray on.

Consider some of these top advantages and more if you would like to make some home improvements to your property throughout Raleigh North Carolina. If you are considering a screened porch, contact our staff today to learn more.

Is it time to repair your porch?

With the cooler winter months in North Carolina, it doesn’t take long for building materials to start breaking down and for porch areas to start settling in an uneven fashion. A porch can fall into disrepair quickly, but there are a number of warning signs that you can watch out for that would suggest it’s time to repair your porch. Here are some of the top signs that it could be time to repair your porch in Raleigh and the surrounding areas:

Wood is rotting:

If you started to notice that the rain is getting into your porch and the wood is beginning to compress into itself, this is a sign that your deck is not drying properly and that some of the components of your porch might be exposed. When rot starts to occur with wooden portions of your porch, it can spread and this is why it’s so important to remove rotten wood from your deck and replace it with new boards wherever possible.

Your railings are loose:

You may start to notice that your railings are starting to get loose. A loose railing can be a hazard on your porch and it’s often a good sign that your porch has resettled. Rather than having a railing that you can’t depend on during the winter months, it may be wise to have repairs completed as soon as possible.

Your steps feel spongy:

If parts of your porch are starting to feel  uneven or spongy, this can often be a sign that the materials are beginning to break down in your deck. When you’re deck starts to get a little shaky and the wood feel more “spongy”, your porch may need immediate repairs to help prevent accidents and a need for major repairs later on.

If you have started to notice some of these topsides with your porch it could be a wise idea to contact our porch repair experts in Raleigh NC.

How an outdoor patio can improve your home

Installing an outdoor patio in Raleigh NC could be a wonderful way that you can truly enjoy the summer and spend more time outside. With the heat and humidity that occurs throughout Raleigh and the surrounding area in the summer months, you could see some advantages of installing a patio this year:

Improved living areas:

Patios have the ability to truly extend your living space. They can give you access to the perfect place to plan a summer barbecue, an outdoor games night and more. A patio is the perfect way to make use of your outdoor space.

They are extremely low maintenance:

Maintaining a patio is quite easy. The Patio installations in Raleigh NC that we provide are built with materials that are designed to last through the weather and require very little maintenance.

It’s a great way to beat the heat:

A patio area can be outfitted with umbrellas, covered areas and more. A patio area is one of the best ways that you can get access to extra protected storage from the sun and a comfortable area to relax in the heat of a North Carolina summer.

Improving the value of your home:

A patio can truly improve the value of your home as one of the best features to add for a return on investment. The monetary value that you can inject into your home with one of these installations could help facilitate the future sale of the property.

If you would like to learn more about patio installations in Raleigh, contact us today for a quote on your own patio installation in Wake County.

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