Yearly Prizes*


Our main objective at Index Fence INC is to provide happiness through our work and in our workplace. Every year we conduct yearly raffles for our employees to keep them happy and motivated because we value them just as we value you.

We decided to thank you for choosing us and giving us the opportunity to work on your beloved home. The way we doing that is by conducting a yearly raffle to every residential client* that has had a service provided by us in said year. Every unique client is automatically enrolled in our raffle system and at the end of the year, we pick 3 names which are linked to the invoices of the services we provided to you in that year.

1st place Prize

The first place recipient will win a Brand New Jeep Wrangler.

2nd place Prize

The second place recipient will receive a check of the full amount they paid for the service done to their property.

3rd place Prize

The third place recipient will receive a check with half of the amount they paid for the service done to their property.

  1. *Automatic enrollment into raffle only applies to new residential fence installation clients  who meet the required minimum purchase order.
  2. Names will be drawn randomly, and will be recorded on video and posted on our website on the 24th of December.
  3. Enrollment into yearly raffle does not apply to commercial clients and external repair clients. It also does not apply to clients of any other service we provide (this may change in the future and is not permanent).
  4. Drawing will be linked to The client’s invoice number of the purchase order. After job completion, we will verify your contact information for the drawing.
  5. Clients have the option to opt out of drawing, however, client will have automatic entry into drawing by default if you meet line’s 1 & 3 requirement.
  6. Winner of First Place Prize will have the option to choose vehicle’s (Brand New Jeep Wrangler) color only. vehicle’s trim will be chosen by Index Fence INC